What are Korta webpayments?
Korta webpayments enable all merchants to accept secure creditcard payment on their websites. Specialised programming is not required to accept secure payments on the internet.

How does Korta secure your information?
The payment takes place on a secure payment area at Korta and Korta makes sure that strict security is in place and that sequirity requirements are met. The secure payment area at Korta is protetected with SSL encryption and the payment process is in line with the requirements made by the international card companies, MasterCard International and Visa internatinal, a so called PCI-DSS standard.

How does a Korta webpayment work?
When the buyer has selected a product in the merchant's web shop and decided to pay, he selects the payment button on the seller's page. At that moment the buyer is moved to the secure Korta webpayment area where he finishes the payment. The buyer and the seller then get a confirmation that the sale was successful and the seller can then deliver the product or services to the buyer.

How does a merchant implement Korta webpayments?
The merchant gets access to the Korta Service Gateway and logs on. On the Service Gateway the merchant registers all basic information about his company and the terms and conditions for his merchandise. Subsequently a payment button is created that the merchant can position on his website..

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